3 Simple Ways Famous Entrepreneurs Deal With Procrastination

3 Simple Ways Famous Entrepreneurs Deal With Procrastination


Bill Gates thinks procrastination is not a great habit. At university Mr. Gates had a reputation for not reading for exams but he always turned up to them and yes he did pass the exams. He did find though when he got into the business world that procrastination was a disastrous habit. Procrastination is the habit of putting off important tasks until a later time, most of the time non essential tasks are done before the critical ones. Lets face it becoming a procrastinator is easy because there is no work involved but for entrepreneurs it can have dire consequences. To be a successful entrepreneur procrastinating has to stop.


Passion for the task

Top entrepreneurs can pick and choose what tasks there need to do in relation to their projects because there have acquired resources or people to do what they might not enjoy. Famous entrepreneurs will employ personal assistants to do the tasks that don’t interest them. You too can ask other people to do the tasks that you are not good at or are not passionate about. As a start up entrepreneur, you could ask business partners or family to help you out so you can concentrate on what you are better at and love to do.

Accountability to investors

Famous entrepreneurs more times than not have investors that have a vested interest in seeing projects succeed. The expectation gives the entrepreneurs added pressure or motivation to see through their tasks. Some business moguls are accountable to their boards who are keeping an eye on projects. For the start up maker sure you announce all the important tasks you need done to family and friends so they can keep you accountable. You can even ask a group of people to act as your board of advisors. The accountability will keep you motivated because you don’t want to be labelled a Failure by putting off tasks for another day.

Break it down to manageable tasks

Sometimes tasks are put off for another day because they might seem too big to do today or start. Famous entrepreneurs will use project management software coupled with gadgets that will keep track of what they need to be doing. What the project management software does is break down the projects to manageable tasks making it easier to get things done. The goals set are SMART ones to keep you interested. You can also use project management software that’s free to manage your projects. When doing some tasks start with easy wins that will keep you motivated to move on until the task is completed on time.

Although these tips could increase the odds of dealing with procrastination, keep in mind there’s no guarantee they’ll make you stop procrastinating.

While using the tips remember the best way to beat procrastinating is just doing it as Nike says and its the mantra in Japan, so Just do it.


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