A Man From Botswana Shows How to Turn Trash to Treasure Then To Cash

Teacher recycles paper for profit

If all goes well, Kealeboga Keboletse a 31- year old teacher at Mathiba Junior School in Kanye might have to quit his day job sooner than he had planned to follow his passion.

The creative artist has found his niche market making decorative products such as flower vases, side lamps, political party symbols and many more from recycled paper for profit.

Since 2012, Keboletse has seen a steady rise in profits that have come to surpass his earnings from his teaching job, simply from putting his hands and old newspapers or egg tray papers to use.

“I learnt the skill in 2012, when I was working as a temporary school teacher in Kazungula. I passed by Chobe secondary school one day and saw some women mashing paper and making decorations out of different moulds. I fell in love with it and decided to learn the technique immediately.” He has never regretted the decision.

“Paper mache, the technique we use can be ‘dirty work’. It requires passion and patience, ” said the budding businessman who is willing to pass on the skill to anybody willing to learn, especially young people, as his way of contributing to poverty alleviation.

In 2013, Kelebotse taught the skill to DOSET staff and some youth at Kanye Education Centre just to give back to the community.

He also taught the skill to his 25-year-old girlfriend, Kesego Gracious Kwailana who mastered it so well that she got position one at the 2014 Women Exposition that was held in Gaborone.

Currently he has challenges of manpower, as he does not have a paper-milling machine, but the unfazed businessman is not discouraged in his mission to grow the business by introducing branded merchandise targeted at tourists through intervarsity games, local lodges and trade fairs.

“This business does not only make money but it also cleans the environment. So yes, Ill be doing this well into my retirement,” He said.

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