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African Powerful Military Countries – #4 Nigeria

African Powerful Military Countries – #4 Nigeria

Nigeria Military Strength


Going beyond military equipment totals and perceived fighting strength is the actual manpower that drives a given military. Wars of attrition favor those with more.


Description Numbers
Total Population 177,155,754
Available Manpower 72,319,838
Fit for Service 40,707,659
Reaching Military Age Annually 3,455,147
Active Frontline Personnel 130,000
Active Reserve Personnel 32,000


Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks, light tanks and tank destroyer, eirthe wheeled or tracked. Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) value includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).


Description Numbers
Tanks 148
Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) 1,420
Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs) 25
Towed-Artillery 339
Multiple – Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs) 30


Includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from all branches of service.


Description Numbers
Total Aircraft 98
Fighters/Interceptors 10
Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft 10
Transport Aircraft 42
Trainer Aircraft 35
Helicopters 38
Attack Helicopters 9


Aircraft Carrier value includes dedicated “helicopter carrier” vessels. Total naval strength includes all known auxiliaries as well.


Description Numbers
Total Naval Strength 75
Aircraft Carriers 0
Frigates 2
Destroyers 0
Corvettes 0
Submarines 0
Coastal Defense Craft 12
Mine Warfare 3


Despite the advances made in battlefield technology, oil remains the lifeblood of any fighting force as well as local economy.

Description Numbers
Oil Production 2.525,000 bbl/day
Oil Consumption 280,000 bbl/day
Proven Oil Reserves 37,200,000,000 bbl/day


War is as much a battle of logistics – moving man and machine from points all over – as it is direct combat. Labor Force reflects possible wartime industry strength.

Description Numbers
Labor Force 51,530,000
Merchant Marine Strength 89
Major Ports and Terminals 3
Roadway Coverage 193,200
Railway Coverage 3,505
Serviceable Airports 54


Regardless of military strength in numbers, war is still driven by financing as much as any one leader or weapon.

Description Numbers
Defense Budget $2,330,000,000
External Debt $15,730,000,000
Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold $47,700,000,000
Purchasing Power Parity $478,500,000,000


Geographical values primary figure into a defensive-minded war (i.e. invasion).

Description Numbers
Square Land Area 923,768 km
Coastline 853 km
Shared Border 4,477 km
Waterways 8,600 km

Source:[Global Fire Power]



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