12 Things Africans Had to Deal with Growing Up, Who Can Identify With These?

The things African children go through

People always wonder why African parents are so strict, fortunately with the benefit of hindsight, I understand the reasons now that I am older.

African parents always believed the stricter you are the better your children turn out to be later in their adult years. Having successful children can be a source of pride for many people.

Parenting is not easy at all, I just shared this article to find out how helpful African parenting skills are. See the list and compare with what you know. How can Africans be better parents?

1. You can’s give anything or shake hands with an adult using your left hand, considered disrespectful

africans shaking hands


2. Your left hand must never be used for writing

africans using left hand to write


3. You have to offer your guests water or something to drink as soon as they get to the living room

africans eating around a table


4. Do not ever talk back to adults, it is considered rude, even when you think the adult is wrong.


5. Do not blink or roll your eyes when talking to an adult, you might just get a slap



6. There is no such thing as dating, you either single or married 

Pokello from zimbabwe with eikim


7. You are not allowed to have a lie in, you must be up early in the morning.

children africa


8. You have to greet every visitor that comes to your home.


9. Sex is a taboo,  watching a movie with parents, a sex scene comes on you either look away or walk away.

africans having sex

10. You are not allowed to out for parties, only when escorted by an adult

11. You are not allowed to accept food from strangers 


12. You have to help out with household chores

african children playing


When it is all said and done parents pick up skills from their parents and those the ones before them. There is no manual and some things we pick up as we go. I am looking for an African book on parenting in Africa.

Also check out the videos about African children growing up



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