Tired of hearing about African Aid? Hope Africa Collective does it differently, see how.

africa nomore charity

Hope Africa Collective – Africa Doesn’t Need More Charity

More than a trillion dollars in aid has been poured into Africa in the last 50 years. And yet, extreme poverty remains one of the greatest challenges the continent faces. So what went wrong? With the focus primarily on things like infrastructure, mass feeding programs, and large-scale development, what’s been forgotten is the people.


Hope Africa Collective aims to lead the charge in investing into the lives of people. Through holistic personal development, they equip individuals to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. As committed and passionate people grow in their own kills, knowledge, and understanding widespread community transformation always occurs.


Hope Africa Collective helps to empower young leaders to spark and sustain change in their communities.The power of investing in the one, to influence the many.

Hope Africa Collective – Africa Doesn’t Need More Charity from Cross & Crown on Vimeo.



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