Changing the Game : Major 1 takes to the green!

Changing the  Game : Major  1 takes  to the  green!



For a  long time,  preachers and  men of  the  cloth  have been  relegated to the  traditional  pulpits, limited to Sunday  services and  given a   narrowed  scope of  function  by tradition  and  religion.  Enter   Major  1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – a  parable  to those who can’t  discern his calling, an enigmatic  force to be  reckoned with and a magnificent  ambassador  of the  prophetic ministry to the  nations.  The  Malawian  born   Prophet,  brandishing  both  charisma and  pizazz takes to the green in a    charity  golf  designed to  mobilise   funds for the  Beacon Of Hope, an initiative set up for the benefit of  thousands of  communities in accordance with the  Prophet’s  own vision. The Golf day is   hosted by Prophet  Shepherd Bushiri  Ministries  in Gauteng, at the Els Club – Copperleaf. Guided  by the  scriptures that  mandate  all believers to  give  to the  less  fortunate, Major 1 has  engaged his   corporate  finesse and  influence to  stir  support for non- profit organisations, fuelling  his   Beacon Of  Hope as an example.


Major  1  set  up Beacon of Hope, which is  headed by his   ever-gracious wife, Prophetess  Mary  Bushiri to  intervene in  social  development and empowerment  issues. Beacon of Hope invades disaster struck areas, bringing both physical and   spiritual relief.  Entering  prisons and   bulldozing   hunger struck areas, the Beacon of  Hope  team led by  Prophet  Shepherd  Bushiri  seeks to  bring  the love of  God to a  lost and  dying  world. Touching  lives and   bringing  solutions to  problems as   stipulated  by scripture –  the  Golf  day today seeks to  inject  resources into the  far reaching arm of the  intervention.


Speaking  to  Beacon Of  Hope  Co-ordinator and   NPO  big wigs,  Anna- Marie  Dejager  and  Mr  Shadrack  Longwe  respectively,  MyAfrica Now  found this event  to be  tastefully  put together   to the  glory of  the  God   Of  Major 1. Indeed it is time to take   over, invade and excel.  The  programme has   already  begun to  make  formidable  change in the  community landscape, changing the  way that   Christians  view   charity, allowing  church  members to become  game   changers and  extending the   hand of  fellowship to  thousands including Maula  Prison in Malawi,  Communities in informal settlements in  Diepsloet, Gauteng as well as  changing the  lives of orphans  and the   under privileged in  Rustenburg and  South  Sudan. The  leadership of  Beacon of  Hope  expressed  excitement at the  plans  for a  massive   relief  roll out  in the  festive season with  a  spill over into the  new year. Major 1  himself  leads  by example, calling on   fellow  Christians to become  a part of the  solution, he is  quoted  thus : ” No-one is  too poor that he  cannot  give” urging  one and all to  participate in community  development.


This event is the first of its kind and promises to bring thousands to the knowledge and celebration of Christ.




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