All He Wanted Was to Make an Impact, What he did Next May Change People’s Lives in Ghana

Seth Akumani, CEO & co-founder of ClaimSync and his team in Ghana developed a worldclass solution to make business processes easier between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Their start-up aims to cut costs and patient waiting times to create a win win situation for patience and health care providers. This is Seth Akumani’s story…


Transcript” One of Africa’s brightest business hopes 30 year old Seth Akumani studied economics in Ghana, but it was a post graduate business and technology course that put him on track for success.

  I have always wanted to do something that makes an impact, the key question was how can we use the key skills we have learnt here, to solve a problem that we feel , a problem that we probably see everyday.

That problem piles of paper records in Ghana’s hospitals, Akumani’s solution ClaimSync, a software that digitises records of patience’s visits  and treatment. With his co-founders Emanuel Urinki and izek macsei working on product development and the technical side, Akumani was able to concentrate on the business side, finding capital and backers I would say networking is extremely important, Its one of those things you can easily under estimate, because yes you need to develop the software, you need to build a product but at the same time you could have a ready product and nobody to support you.

What I have learnt which has stayed with me is investors invest in lines and not dots and that basically means that they need to see that you are making progress over a period of time. So you wanna approach them early, even when you probably just starting . Build a relationship with them One relationship that paid off is with the dutch multinational Dankee, in january it bought out ClaimSync , the team now operates under the Genkee umbrella and is working on linking biometrics into ClaimSync software to help validate insurance claims .

So whats Akumani’s advice for other budding African entrepreneurs First thing you need to consider is your team its difficult to do anything great alone, second thing i would point out its interesting to start something but the important thing is to maintain it. and you are not going to be in business for long if your business model is not working. The last thing , maybe this is just me but i feel maybe its good to live a mark whatever you do.

Look at how you you can differentiate yourself and be that exciting example that others will want to follow For Akumani and his team the future is looking bright.They hope with genkee’s resources ClaimSync could be rolled out to other countries across Africa Katrina fatosti for CCtv in Accra Ghana

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