Aid has Contributed to the Disfunctionality of African Governments, She Says This With a Straight Face.

dambisa moyo author of dead aid

Dambisa Moyo is an Economist & author of NYTimes bestsellers “Winner Take All”, “Dead Aid” & “How The West Was Lost”.

Dead aid, is the book that dispels the myth about how Aid is helping Africa. Dambisa says the wold has largely approached the African question with pity and looking down on the African continent.

According  to Dambisa Moyo there are more poor Chinese and poor Indians on earth than there are poor Africans. N Africa we focus on the 4 horsemen war, disease poverty and corruption.

Dambisa compels the world to look at the African struggles in a different light and think of different solutions.

Dambisa says Aid has never helped people out of poverty. She wants to see an Africa that is an equal partner and does not rely on aid.

African governments must be in the fore-front of the development agenda. At 7.27 minutes, Dambisa explains what she means by “Aid”.




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