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The art and Meaning behind the Aso-Oke Fabric

Vibrant striking beautiful. Nigeria’s hand-woven heritage. Tunde Owolabi is showcasing the power and importance of this indigenous Yoruba Fabric. Aso-Oke is a 100% Nigerian fabric. It originated in a small village south west of Nigeria.

Aso-Oke is simply art. It is made by hands, it can take some time to make Aso-Oke fabric as it is made very delicately.  It can be cotton or silk fabric. Aso-Oke has extravagant unique patterns made from dyed strands of fabric that are woven into strips of cloth. Aso-Oke if translated in English is “Top Cloth”. In the past it was a job that was done between men and women.


The high quality traditional fabric has been one to special occasions including weddings, funerals and chieftaincy title ceremonies for centuries.


Tunde who likes looking into his grand ma wardrobe to see how many various Aso-Oke are in there, gets excited to see how they are all different, he believes that women and men wearing them gives them a sense of royalty, prestigious and beauty.


Tunde Owolabi has decided to show the world Aso-Oke so that people can understand the elegance fabric that is now famous in Nigeria and surrounding countries. Tunde has been able to combine so many Aso-Oke into one to create art. His dream now is not only to be worn but also to be made into art gallery. This will increase the awareness of Aso-Oke and it is a good example on how we can preserve our African culture by showcasing it to the world.





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