How to Cook Fried Rice Like Your Mama Would Do, Try it today!

Fried rice

Fried rice is widely eaten all over the world,it’s one of the popular eaten rice recipes & it’s prepared differently in various countries using different methods… Fried rice is prepared by adding your precooked or steamed rice into a mixture of different stir fried vegetables like carrots, green beans,green bell peppers,onions and cow liver…not everybody likes adding cow liver to their fried rice… Here’s a step by step info of preparing fried rice at home for this festive season…
250g of rice
2 large carrots
1-2 green bell pepper
2-3 tablespoons curry
2-3 cooking spoon of groundnut oil
Garbage (optional)
1 handful of green peas
1 large ball white onions
½ White pepper
2 Maggi cubes
100g cow liver(Cooked)


  1. Perboil the rice,wash it and pour it back into the pot.Add a little bit of chopped garbage,Salt,curry and water, cover it and allow to boil.
  2. Slice the carrots,green bell peppers,cow liver,green peas,white onions separately.
  3. Pour a little bit of groundnut oil into a sauce pan,when the oil starts heating up.Add your sliced onions,carrots,cow liver,green peas,green bell peppers into the sauce pan and start frying them.
  4. Add curry,salt and maggi(make sure you add enough quantity that will be enough for the fried rice.
  5. Check your rice if it’s soft and dried(let the rice not get burnt).if it’s not soft, please add a little water again (make sure the rice is soft)
  6. Once the rice is soft and dried up,pour your fried vegetables into the rice and stir,until everything is properly mixed together. Put it back into the fire and cook for 2 minutes.

Your fried rice is ready to be served.

NB:  If you are using chicken, use the chicken water to boil the rice with the garbage,dont add too much curry or salt because it’s already in the chicken stock,instead of the ordinary water.But if you are using beef or fish,use ordinary water.

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