He Makes The Best Tasting Jollof Rice Ever, 55k People Watched How he Does it

How to cook Jollof rice

Jollof rice is a Nigerian food classic, you are likely  to come across it at most Naija gatherings and parties. The first time I tasted, I was completely hooked and decided to give it a go myself. There was only one major problem. I had no idea how to prepare and cook jollof rice, so I turned to my new best friend, YouTube off course. Since it is the most popular Nigerian rice recipe, there was enough content online. After browsing for a while I settled on Nigeriancuisine because he explained in a  simple way. It is quite easy to prepare if you follow the simple steps he shows. watch the video below for instructions.

Starting point

jollof rice ingredients




800 grams of rice
Tomato paste
Salt Maggi cubes
Measuring spoon
2 leaves of bayleafs
2 peppers
1 scotch bonnet pepper
1 medium size onion
Chicken stock powder 1 teaspoon.



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