How To Create I-Phone Applications

How To Create I-Phone Applications

If you can follow the prompts on a software package, you can create your own I-Phone application.


The easiest way to create an I-Phone application is to purchase software that is made for this purpose.  If you can follow the prompts on a software package, you can create your own I-Phone application. This is the best way that you can get started with this process.    An I-Phone application is called a widget.  It is software that is relatively easy to create.  You can go to Google and download software for creating Widgets and use that to create your application.   You will create your I-Phone application by using software that you download to your own computer.  The widget or application will be created on your own computer.

It is not difficult to get widget tools.  You can get gadgets or widgets, both are on Google and Yahoo respectively.  You can also get generic widget software to create your application.  If you decide to create and distribute through the Apple site, you can download an application builder that gives you all of the tools that you need to create your own widget and get started with building the widget, debugging it and also distributing it.  You will need to go through the debug step before you can upload your application to your Apple account.

If you are very tech savvy, you might want to create your own application by using basic internet tools. You can download free tools that will enable you to create your own applications.  Many of the applications for the I-Phone are internet related.  By working with a site and basic I-Phone technology skills, you can create an I-Phone application.  If you can build a widget, you can make money on it by selling it outright on your own website, without having to use the Apple site.


You can get free I-Phone application software by looking for web software that you can download for free.  The same software that can be used for web design and other web applications on your computer can be used to make applications for your I-Phone.

If you have application creation software for your website, you are all set.  You should create the application on your own computer website and then download it to your I-Phone.  Creating applications for the I-Phone are just like creating anything for a website.

If you do not have a website, you should get one.  Whereas it used to be very expensive to have a website designed years ago, much has changed.  There are many web applications out there that will help you design your own website.  You can also download applications for free.  If you have a website, chances are that your hosting site will have tools that you can use to not only create your site, but also to create applications for your I-Phone.  You can download the applications that you create on your computer to your I-Phone just as you would download any other application.  You can choose to use the application for yourself, or you can also choose to distribute it to others.

There are various web tools that you can use for free online.  You should look for web tools that are both PC and Mac compatible.  Just as the I-Pod is compatible with both PC and Mac users, you should be sure that the tools you use are compatible with a Mac product.

Creating applications is not difficult.  Once you understand how to use software that can create the applications that you want, you can usually find tutorials online.  Make your first application an easy one, such as a feed from a local news site.  This will give you a general idea of the basic components of the I-Phone application.

If you have web design knowledge, it will be even easier for you to create an I-phone application.  If you do not have any ability when it comes to web design or are not computer savvy, but have some great ideas on I-Phone applications that you can create, you can still do so by working with a partner.



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