This Restaurant Brand Wants You To Experience West African Cuisine For One Night Only In London

Jason’s Little Kitchen

My name is Jason Obeng from Ladbroke Grove, West London. I started Jason’s Little Kitchen in September 2015 and have received a great reception ever since my first event. Jason’s Little Kitchen is a supper club event, also dubbed as an undercover one night only restaurant where diners come and experience West African food while socialising and dining with new people.

At every event of mine the menu is changed and the purpose is to give diners a taste of modern West African cuisine, as it is a goal of mine to modernise African cuisine with my London influences.

jason obeng jason little kitchen restaurant

I strictly use organic and local produce including the best grass fed meat and poultry from carefully selected and trusted suppliers, as I believe a lot of organic ingredients enhances a meal far more than non organic ingredients and brings out the best flavours and the best tastes. I work with suppliers who have years of experience in there field and stick to a strict regime in the farming techniques they use to ensure top quality all the time.

Our wine is supplied by an independent wine merchant, Edgmond Wines, who work carefully with me to pair wines with whatever meal I am serving. We have wines that are exclusive to our events and won’t be seen anywhere else in the U.K. Edgmond Wines have exclusive rights for the wines which are provided at my events, offering my diners a unique experience.

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My vision for Jason’s Little Kitchen is to introduce West African cuisine with a modern touch with my London influences to the meals. My dream is to one day open up a West African restaurant, but until then I will continue to host supper club events showcasing West African cuisine. I feel West African cuisine isn’t celebrated like other cuisines and I want it to be just as respected in the same way as other cuisines.

jason obeng jason little kitchen food

I realised after my first event that there is a demand for a high quality West African restaurant which encourages me to keep hosting Jason’s Little Kitchen events. My events are always filled with vibrant diners conversing with one another which creates a lively atmosphere. Guests are always telling me how much they have enjoyed themselves and the food, which, at the end of the day, makes it all worthwhile for me and motivates me to make sure each event is better than the last. In addition to that, as a Ghanaian I feel that I have a certain level of responsibility to teach others about my country’s food and culture and also do it in the best way possible.


I would say my biggest success so far would have to be having my first event sold out. For me it was a major highlight because it showed that there are people out there who are interested in experiencing West African food and that there is also a demand for it.

Another highlight for me has been bringing my friends and family together to achieve the goal of bringing West African food to multitudes of people in a modern way. We have so much fun while we have our events and I think it’s a reflection of all of us visualising the same goal of provided high quality West African cuisine to the public.

jason obeng jason little kitchen african food

I am so blessed to have such caring people in my corner which include: my mum, dad, brother, sister, and friends Krystal and Jason. Without them I wouldn’t be able to pull of my successful events.

Hosting my next event at the chancery restaurant will be another turning point for Jason’s Little Kitchen. The chancery is a well-established restaurant serving modern British cuisine. The fact that I will be having my first supper club event there celebrating Ghana independence day and mother’s day will be a fabulous way to take Jason’s little kitchen into the next phase.

jason obeng jason little kitchen cooking

Next event: 6th March @ The Chancery Restaurant, 9 Cursitor St, London EC4A 1LL

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