This Kenyan Man’s View of The World Will make you question your existance, What He Creates Will Blow Your Mind. Check him out

Mark Kaigwa has spent the last 7 years helping global and African businesses, brands and nonprofits use technology to connect with Africans online. A consultant, strategist and speaker who likes to get hands-on solving problems and applying ideas that will change the future of this continent and emerging markets.His focus is African and global creativity, through the lens of the work and ideas of leading thinkers and doers, opinion formers, trendsetters and industry experts.

Mark has been hard at work over the past 5 years working on becoming one of the continent’s most articulate speakers and storytellers to describe the growth and renaissance of Africa. blogging is a passion for him and he spreads his knowledge through Facebook Notes and Twitter. He has always been attracted to the idea of being an African content creator and passionate about encouraging others to take up their place. In 2007 he also led creative direction on an award winning video game for Warner Bros titled Pamoja Mtaani. It was Warner Bros. first African video game and it takes place in Nairobi, Kenya in sheng Kenyan Swahili-based slang and English.

We can all make a difference if we try.



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