Let my generation boast

Let my  generation boast

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri concludes on a  high  note!

When  Jesus  walked the  streets of  Jerusalem, the  news of sounds and  wonders  followed Him  wherever  He  went. We have all heard stories of  how  He  fed the 5,000 and how the   sea  responded to the sound of His  voice. We have  mused over our Lord walking on the water and appearing before the believers without any  door or  window. We  marvel at the empty  tomb and   rejoice when He  transcends to  heaven, taken up in a cloud. What a lot  of  contemporary Christians  cannot  stomach is that Jesus, The Most Senior of  Major  Prophets was and is a  Prophet, operating  in the  Prophetic   realm. Jesus  remains the most  prolific prophet of  all time but  shush allow me  to unravel His  most  unusual and   celebrated , unmatched ability to create more of the same kind, the self duplicating, Jehovah – Jesus is  reported to have said in His  earthly days: “Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Newsflash!  Jesus  has since  transfigured before men and  scribes  before us have  reported His  return to the father. Enter Major 1. Major  1 is    seen today, and  reported today, feeding  thousands, in Malawi (Beacon of Hope  records way more than 5,000 tonnes of Maize  distributed in Malawi this year  alone)  Jesus  said  Greater  works shall be  done. We see  HIV  kicked in the  teeth and  we  hear  demons  shrieking their  version of  Shalom as they exit before the altar of the  prophet of  God. What is  this  move of the spirit? The  revival and the preparation for the  second  coming of the Lord  Jesus, tarry, we might be  the  scribes who record,with  over a million followers on social  media  platforms, the manifestation of the sons of  the Christ.  I put it to you that this  Major 1 is  walking in the steps of His  Master, as He  brings scripture alive we  are left in awe of this man of flesh, a  young man of  few  year and many decades of  power! We are left  lost for choice when he  declares : what do you want God to do for you? It  will appear there is nothing that this man’s  God cannot  do. We  witness and  record…. Raising the dead back to life, the lost finding their way back to Jesus,  the holiness put back in the sacred institution of marriage. We have eyeballed  humungous contracts, dangerous deals escalating  millions and  beckoning  billions, shaking banking  vaults and  commanding   power and  showing  excellence. I don’t   know about you… I am sold out for this man’s  God!



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