He built a Robot at Age 7, Now This Whizkid From Togo is Building Low Cost Computers

 Robots to Low Cost Computers


the robot sam koto built in 2009

At age 7, Sam Kodo built his first basic robot and he has never looked back since. Sam’s robots are able to interact with humans, recognise faces & objects, speak, execute orders and even play football.

sam kodo uses recycled parts to build robots (recycled microcontroller he removed from a toy car and reprogrammed)

Born and raised in Togo, his father was a physics lecturer at the University of Lomé where Kodo would enjoy many hours in the library studying formulas and equations.

Sam believes in tinkering, giving it a go and knowing that even if you fail, you did try. Sam has the ability to see gadgets beyond what they present themselves to be. He is able to make creative connections using everyday gadgets like mobile phones.

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sam kodo low cost computers

Low Cost computers

Most of his work was experimental but when Sam discovered a problem he went to work right away. He realised that many students in Togo could not afford the tools for their IT work. He decided a build low cost computer to help other students.

Sam Togo then founded a company called Infinite Loop/LC-COM (Low-Cost Computer) to produce the low cost computers. The small computers can fit into a pocket and can be plugged into a tv or touchscreen to make it an internet enabled desktop PC.

The low cost computers produced by Sam’s company retail for a fraction of the normal PC price. The company employs 6 people and has already started business in his Togo.

Kodo’s work has caught the attention of international media, and last year he was named one of 12 finalists of the Anzisha Prize, for his low cost computers project.  The Anzisha Prize is an award for African entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 22.

According to Sam Kodo

With the computer I’ve created it’s important to remember there was a purpose behind this type of computer. It’s accessible and not expensive. Pretty much any student who’d like to purchase a computer like this can do so





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