A Man In Uganda Hunts The Crocodile That Ate His Pregnant Wife And Kills It, Bare Hands

Demeteriya Nabwire, 8 months pregnant, went to search for firewood on the shores of Lake Kyoga, in Uganda. She went in the early hours of Sunday morning, never to return because as she looked for firewood, she was attacked, killed and eaten by a crocodile.

The story doesn’t end there, when distraught husband Mubarak Batambuze, 56, of Kibuye village heard, what happened, he vowed to get his revenge. What he did next might just sound like a blockbuster movie.

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Residents found slippers Nabwire was wearing, toes, fingers and a mobile phone at the spot where she was devoured by the deadly reptile.

An official of the Uganda Wildlife Authourity (UWA), John Opio, said the crocodile was 25-footer and weighed over 1,000kg. This si as large as they get.

a large african crocodile uganda

Not to be outdone, Mubarak went to a blacksmith and asked for a very sharp spear. He then returned to the scene where his wife was attacked and found the beast still resting .

On seeing the beast Mubarak sprung into action by stubbing the crocodile, killing it in the process. Not exactly bare hands but he might as well have used them considering how close he had to get. He then moved the beast with the help of local fisherman.

Batambuze has now become the hero of the village because the same crocodile is believed to have eaten six women and children who had gone to fetch water at the same spot last year.

The braveheart was hoisted shoulder-high by the residents who praised him as a hero of the village for being brave enough to kill the crocodile that had terrorised people in the area.

The  Uganda Wildlife Authourity (UWA) is in the process of capturing and  relocating the reptiles to a national park.

 Crocodiles are believed to kill about 2500 people every year and they are considered to be 168 times more dangerous than sharks.

[source:new vision]



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