This is Not New York, It is Said to be the New Capital of Africa, Construction is On


new city in gauteng south africa



You will be excused to think this is some futuristic city set in the west somewhere, think again.This a Chinese financed city, to the tune of  R84 billion in Modderfontein, Gauteng, South Africa. The Star reported on Thursday. Work on  300 residential units is already underway  complete with the roads.

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The owners of the projected are reported to have said, the project will be market driven. It will all depend on what the clients and developers are looking for. Anything is possible, this might end up being the New York of Africa

Plans for the city include a central business district, churches, a library, hospital and medical facilities, a sports and international conference center, schools, and low-cost housing, among others.

The project will house around 30,000 families and create about 200,000 fixed jobs for the local community.

The city will be technology driven with up to date communication systems.

Zendai’s chairman Dai Zhikang said in 2013 that the project would transform the property into a “New York of Africa”.

“It will become the future capital for the whole of Africa,” he said.

I looked at the concept diagrams and I am sold. Just love the thought of a futuristic looking Africa. Check them out.

the new capital of africa concept drawing



the arial view of the new city in gauteng



city of modderfontain


Great idea, however, I am interested in knowing though how green this project is. Is it going to help change people’s fortunes or is it going to be just for the rich and famous. One thing is clear, it will create jobs and my hope is the jobs will be for the locals.




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