President Jacob Zuma of South Africa Survives Impeachment Vote: Teflon Don

South African lawmakers have voted against a motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma. Last week the Constitutional Court ruled that Zuma had violated the constitution by spending state money on his private home.

South African lawmakers on Tuesday voted against a motion to impeach ruling President Jacob Zuma. Amidst shouts of “Zuma must go,” the parliament’s deputy speaker Lechesa Tsenoli dismissed the motion.

jacob-zuma_teflon don

The heated parliamentary debate came after the country’s Constitutional Court passed a judgment saying that the president had violated the law and must pay back the money he spent for upgrades on his private home in Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal province.

The court had ruled that Zuma had “failed to uphold, defend and respect the constitution” in ignoring the directives of the public prosecutor, Thuli Madonsela, to pay back money that had been used for non-security upgrades. These included a swimming pool, a cattle enclosure and chicken run and an amphitheater. The project is said to cost South African tax papers $24 million (21 million euros).


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