Rare Pic of President Obama and his Step brother in Kenya 1988

Back in 2015 the United States president, Barrack Obama, visited Kenya, his ancestral home amidst cheers and excitement from the Kenyans. This is a trip he occasionally took over the years before he became the president.

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One such trip was his first visit was in 1988. He went to Kenya to discover more about his roots and his father’s heritage. His father and mother had split up two years after he was born. His second trip was in 1992; he traveled with Michelle, who was his fiancee at the time. They married a few months after that visit. The second trip was embarked upon for Michelle to meet his paternal grandmother and other extended family members.

Below are some pics you might not have seen before.

obama-rare photo 1988

Rare Photo Of Obama And His Step Brother Malik During His Trip To Kenya In 1988 (Photo)

rare obama picOBAMAKenya rare pic




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