Self Taught “YouTube man” Julius Yego Wins Silver Medal in Javelin : Rio Olympics

Kenya’s Julius Yego has won a silver in the men’s Javelin in the Rio Olympics.

Yego who had to battle some frustrations at the beginning of the trip to Rio where his ticket was missing made 88.24m in his first throw which turned out to be good enough.

He had to endure even more frustrations after he sustained an injury in the competition that prohibited him from making any subsequent throws.

Thomas Rohler from Germany came in first with a throw of 90.30m

This feat comes after Yego was almost knocked out of the semi-finals where he barely squeaked in.

This is the sixth silver medal for Kenya.

Unlike most of his competitors, Yego didn’t have access to a world-class training facility or even a coach.

Instead, he perfected his sport by watching YouTube videos.


What can Africans learn from this man success’ at the Olympics? Julius Yego used resources at his disposal to become one of the best athletes in the world. What is stopping you today. Can you find a way to use what is around you to succeed. 

What role can YouTube play in changing the lives of Africans? Some people have said YouTube is more than a website of videos, it a school, a college and university.

There is a lot you can learn from you tube even if you don’t have prior knowledge of the area or subject matter. All you need is enthusiasm, dedication and passion.  

You might also need an area with free wifi ofcourse.

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