South Africa Doctors Perform First Successful Penis Transplant

First Successful Penis Transplant Performed In South Africa

Surgeons from South Africa’s Stellenbosch University successfully concluded 9-hour operation to attach donated penis.


In a ground-breaking operation, a team of pioneering surgeons from Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital performed the very first successful penile transplant in the world [Source:Allafrica].

A 21 -year-old patient was successfully operated the Independent newspaper. The man, whose identity is being protected, lost his penis in a circumcision gone wrong. He was 18 and sexually active when the incident happened. HE is now able to urinate, have an erection and orgasm.


According to the University, he has made a full recovery and has regained all function in the newly transplanted organ.

Our goal was that he would be fully functional at two years and we are very surprised by his rapid recovery, said lead surgeon Professor Andre Van Der Merwe.


In parts of South Africa it’s common for boys to be circumcised, to mark their transition from boyhood into manhood.

This is a very serious situation. For a young man of 18 or 19 years the loss of his penis can be deeply traumatic. The young man does not have necessarily the psychological capability to process the loss and there are even reports of suicide among these young men [Source: The Independent].

The operation which unlike a heart transplant is not life saving, has been the target of intense discussion among the medical community. In China one such procedure went fine, but the penis was later rejected.

Professor Graewe said that ” It’s a massive breakthrough. We’ve proved that it can be done we can give someone an organ that is just as good as the one that he had …. It was a privilege to be part of this first successful penis transplant in the world.” [Source: The Independent]


Demand of penis transplants in S0uth Africa is among the biggest in the world, as dozens of young men are maimed or killed in initiation ceremonies every year. More penis transplants are expected to take place in South Africa in three months time.




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