Steve Biko, Thinker, Freedom Fighter & writer; 7 of His Most Powerful Quotes

As we celebrate a thinker, a freedom fighter, a writer and the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, Steve Biko, we are reminded of the sacrifice he made with his life. Biko was assassinated this day 38 years ago in South Africa, he would have been 7o today. This fallen hero didn’t go in vain, he was portrayed in the film Cry Freedom by Denzel Washington., Biko is widely seen as the greatest martyr of the anti-apartheid movement. To know the man, read some of his most popular quotes on black people and the conscious movement. 

 2. Black man


Slogan coined by Steve Biko for the South African Student’s Organisation, SASO.

3. Racism


 – On Black Consciousness.

4.Black Consciousness

The Definition of Black Consciousness, I Write What I Like, 1978.

5. Dignity

We Blacks, I Write What I Like, 1978.

6. Mind over matter

Speech in Cape Town, 1971.

7. Basics

From Steve Biko’s evidence given at the SASO/BPC trial, 3 May 1976.

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