This Man is About to take a Traditional African Treatment of Leg Ulcers Mainstream

A Traditional African treatment  for Leg Ulcers by Moses Murandu

Moses-Murandu uses sugar to treat leg ulcers

 Ordinary sugar used to treat wounds

One look of this man you know he deeply cares for people. Moses grew up in Zimbabwe and often he watched his dad treating wounds using granulated sugar.

Sugar, he believes  draws  water away from wounds and prevent bacteria from multiplying. Moses never forgot this treatment, so when he became a nurse, he decided to research and prove the use of sugar as a treatment.

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Ulcers will often start for a number of reasons.  Once established they can be difficult to cure and can  last for many years. Treating them with  antibiotics is a problem because the bacteria is not in the body but resides in a thin layer on the skin. Antibiotics are more effective in the body.

Once infected, ulcers can be difficult to to control and they often grow out of control.  Ulcers can lead to discomfort and at times patients find it difficult and sometimes impossible to perform daily chores.

Moses, now a senior lecturer in adult nursing at the University of Wolverhampton, is an extraordinary man. As word got around about his treatment he got calls for help and has been around the UK helping others out.

Moses would like his treatment to be recognised and used throughout the National Health service(NHS)

Clinical trial

As it is, after  years and some limited pilot studies of his remedy, Moses has now completed a clinical trial, while at the same time finishing his PhD studies at the University of Birmingham.

Moses is very confident that the results will be enough to convince the NHS that this treatment does work. He is publishing the study shortly.

Meanwhile  those patients he managed to treat are looking to set up a charity to help fund Murandu’s good  work and to spread the word about the treatment.


This is an example of a man who has taken the rich knowledge from his African background to enrich others and potentially come up with a world recognised cure, from humble beginnings. What a shining example, well done Moses Murandu, we salute you, respect.

Some of his work

moses murandu treats leg ulcers using sugar

A patient’s leg before treatment. Image from


a treated leg ulcer by moses murandu

A month after a course of treatment with sugar. image from

[source: bbc]



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