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Inspirational messages through TED talks

Sitting around and wishing your life would change could never help you. It is often said motion creates emotion, you need action to change your life. One of the most powerful ways is to listen to an audio or video. Thankfully we have TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is a selection of short powerful talks usually less than 30 minutes on various subjects.

We have chosen 7 talks that may change your life and teach you something different, or just make you more curious. Take your time and have fun. If we have left out some good ones from TED please share with us.


1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story

2. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

3. Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of Sixth Sense

4. Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

5. Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

6. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

7. Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity



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