My Wishes: A Poem About Money, What is Money?

They wake up everyday.
To work in search of me.
Some die because of me.
How I wish I was not money.
I could be living peacefully somewhere.

But I am homeless.
Moving from one pocket to the other.
From one bank to the other.
How I wish I had hands.
Hands to build my own home.

They say I am the root of evil.
But Im also the root of good.
Its not my wish to be misused.
How I wish I had a mouth.
To say how I should be used.

I am the darling of everybody.
The rich and the poor.
But I live with the rich.
How I wish I had legs.
Legs to take me to the poor.

They plan of stealing me everyday.
I am talked about everyday.
Money this money that.
How I wish I had ears.
Ears to hear what they say about me.

Lawrence” Penpusher” Moyo.





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