Wow, She’s A Mandela And Holds The World’s Highest Record, Check Out WHY

ASHA ZULU MANDELA Holds the title of the World’s longest Dreadlocks and is in The World Guinness Book of records. I am proud to say I actually met this lovely lady and having dreadlocks myself, this was an amazing experience. I used to see posts about her online but honestly speaking I never thought it was real-But trust me it is!!


She was born in the Twin Islands of Trinidad and Tobago and her father was South African. When she started growing her locs, she wasn’t sure about it and her mother would certainly not agree with it as it was considered to be a style for “Riff-Raffs”.


Asha continued to lock her hair and before she knew it her “baby” as she passionately calls it had grown so long and she was getting compliments from all directions.


She plucked up enough courage and finally approached the Guinness World of records as well as Ripleys believe it or not people and her Journey up that hair ladder begun.


There were very strict guidelines to follow for the hair category stated  and they had to ensure that hair must be all natural and (definitely) no extensions! It must be real human hair and also, must be measured in the presence of a known public figure and be witnessed by a notary public.


After the tedious procedure with 2 licensed hair care professionals examining her hair to verify if indeed everything was real, her hair measured at 19 feet in 2009 (This is 2015 by the way, so you can imagine how long her hair is now).  Plus she held a spot in those two World Records.

Asha a a

Due to life’s situations and 15 surgeries down the line there have been a few breakages but Asha still continues to have her beautiful Long flowing Locs (The Black Rapunzel).

asha a

I had a chance to touch her dreadlocks and walked around the streets of London with her, we were definitely turning heads as everyone wanted to take pictures with her.



It was a great feeling finally knowing that as Africans our hair can grow as long as 19ft and more, all we need to do Is wet our hair as often as possible as Asha explained.



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