Young Kenyan Couple Who Got Married Dressed in T-shirts Get a Surprise: Update

LEAD STORY: Young Kenyan Couple Had Simple Wedding Ceremony Dressed in T-shirts (Photos)

The amount catered for the rings they exchanged during their wedding ceremony which saw both of them wear T-shirts, there was no celebration after they exchanged vows.

The 26-year-old husband is quoted by eDaily news portal as saying ‘‘We went home, cooked ugali and sukuma wiki (a Kenyan delicacy), ate and slept. There was nothing special that we did on our honeymoon.’‘


For their modest wedding which took Kenyan social media space by storm, a travel and tours company, Bonfire Adventures, on Friday announced a fully paid honeymoon package for them.

Their ceremony reached social media after the priest who officiated it shared their story on Facebook. Officials of the tour company visited the couple and made a presentation to them. They get a fully paid 5 days honeymoon to the Kenyan city of Mombasa where they will stay in a four-star hotel.

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