Zimbabwe Scraps Visas for SADC Countries With Immediate Effect

Zimbabwe scraps visas for SADC countries

HARARE ‑ The Zimbabwean government has, with immediate effect, scrapped visas for all SADC countries.

Immigration department principal director, Clemence Masango, said the move was meant to facilitate easy movement within the region.

“This new position completes the circle and process for us as Zimbabweans in removing all visa controls of all Southern African Development Communities (SADC) countries in line with the spirit and objectives of the SADC Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of Persons. All SADC nationals no longer need visas to enter Zimbabwe as they are now in Category A of our visa regime,” he said.

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Category A refers to countries whose nationals are exempt from visa requirements, while those in Category B obtain visas at the port of entry – that is on arrival. Category C nationals are required to apply for visas prior to travelling to Zimbabwe.

Masango said consultations would continue to be made with concerned stakeholders, with a view to further relaxing visa controls in order to make travel easier and market Zimbabwe as a more favourable and accessible destination. This is a good move considering Africa never used to have borders.

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